Marokkanische Hängeleuchte Tropfenform 35cm
Moroccan pendant lamp teardrop shape | Brass | H:30cm
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Moroccan pendant lamp teardrop shape | Brass | H:30cm

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Moroccan pendant lamp teardrop shape | Brass | H:30cm

Solid brass lampshade in a harmonious drop shape, conjures up a dreamy play of shadows.


    • 30 cm

Anyone who has ever been to an oriental country knows what artistic lighting options there are. Creating a room atmosphere with lamps is the motto in the Orient. It is not just the subdued light that is responsible for the mood here, it is above all the play of shadows through the artistic drilling and sawing that ultimately creates the mood. Add to this extravagant shapes and engravings, and an oriental lamp becomes a complete work of art.

Why are Moroccan lamps so attractive?

It's the craftsmanship! Even in oriental countries, lamps are now produced using machines. But they will never have the same charm as those made by hand. That's why it's particularly important to us to sell these lamps. In this way, a piece of cultural history is preserved. Moroccan craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation. It exists solely because of the high demand.

We are very happy to work with really good craftsmen who do their craft with great dedication.

Team L'Orient

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