Moroccan plate Rabat 30cm
Moroccan plate Rabat 30cm
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Moroccan plate Rabat 30cm

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Moroccan plate Rabat 30cm

The plate is hand-painted with artistic ornaments. The traditional patterns bring color to your everyday life.

Dimensions: Diameter: 30cm

Our ceramics are handicrafts, each one a little different from the other. We enjoy the beauty and harmony of Moroccan handicrafts, which have a centuries-old tradition.

In Morocco, the way food is served is extremely important. Eating with all the senses is a given here. The food is often presented very artistically. Nothing is left to chance. This includes not only the presentation of the finished dishes, but also the vessels used to serve them. The serving tagines are practical and pretty in all colors, patterns and sizes. Not only do the food stay warm longer in them, the effect when the lid is removed is simply magnificent and the joy of eating is even greater than usual when you see the special dishes.

Nevertheless, innovations are not excluded in this area. Time and again we come across ambitious artisans who incorporate their creativity into the product. The openness to new designs inspires us and so we can always present the unexpected.

Team L'Orient

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