Moroccan Mosaic Table Blue White Bird 70 cm
Moroccan Mosaic Table Blue White Bird 70 cm
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Moroccan Mosaic Table Blue White Bird 70 cm

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Moroccan Mosaic Table Blue White Bird 70 cm

Moroccan mosaic table Blue White Bird 70 cm, handcrafted from Moroccan tiles. The decorative band is made of glazed tiles that have been carved piece by piece. The table is laid with the "face" to the ground, so that the craftsman only sees the pattern once he has cemented the table. This extraordinary art of mosaic laying is practiced in Morocco and gives us these harmonious, unusual tables.

The tiles are frost-proof due to the way they are fired, but we still recommend that you keep the table in a closed room in winter, as the weight of snow frozen into ice can damage the table. If you don't have space for this, then put the table up in winter and wrap it in special foil. The table frame is collapsible.

This speaks for a mosaic table

A Moroccan mosaic table is an extraordinary addition to your living room or garden. The table was handmade in the royal city of Fes. The extraordinary technique is native to Morocco and is not used anywhere else. They are incomparably beautiful and harmonious.

high craftsmanship

Zellige is the art of laying mosaic tiles and the masters in this field are in Morocco. Each table is elaborately handcrafted and goes through a lengthy work process. The tables are characterized by their long lifespan.

We travel to Morocco two or three times a year to have these mosaic tables made in Fes and Marrakesh. We always work with the same artisans, who we get to know better over the years.

If you want to experience the fascination that the old town of Fes has through its living crafts, you have no choice but to make your way there. For those who want to bring a part of this culture into their living room, our online shop is there for you.
Have fun with it. :)

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