Babouche "Fassi" turquoise
Babouche "Fassi" turquoise
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Babouche "Fassi" turquoise

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Babouche "Fassi" turquoise

Finest suede, high quality workmanship.

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Always take the babouche one size larger than your actual shoe size!

Please state your shoe size when ordering. When you wear the babouche for the first time, the heel may protrude slightly. When you wear the babouche a few times, the leather stretches and they slide a little further forward!

Babouche are the trend shoes this summer, with jeans, shorts, skirts, long wide trousers and even dresses are worn this year with flat simple leather babouches, they replace sandals of any kind.

Babouche have a slim leather sole and are slightly padded on the inside, you just slip them on and look dressed. Our babouche are the original slippers from Fes. The sole is stepped on, be careful this summer it is an absolute taboo to wear the sole over the heel, the shoe sets you free, you can slip out at any time and give your feet a rest completely "naked". Babouche are available in many colors, this summer natural colors and yellow are particularly popular. Men also wear babouche with casual clothes like tight jeans and a half-open cotton or linen shirt.

For those who don't chase trends, Babouche are already a household name and a loyal companion through the summer, and have been for years. The great thing about Babouche is that every foot looks charming in them!

Just try some out for yourself!

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