Berber basket | Essaouira | H: approx. 70cm
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Berber basket | Essaouira | H: approx. 70cm

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Berber basket | Essaouira | H: approx. 70cm

Berber basket 70cm made of raffia. The abstract patterns of the traditional baskets make this item a varied home accessory. The basket offers plenty of space for storing odds and ends.

The Berber basket is made by artisans in Marrakesh. We are open to all colors, shapes and patterns and are always delighted with the result. The artists let their creativity run wild, each basket is unique.


  • Height: 70high

  • Diameter: 41cm

Making baskets is still a long-standing tradition in Morocco. Berber women from various regions in particular devote themselves to this task. This always results in exciting patterns and color gradients.

Berbers are mainly found in what is now Morocco and Algeria, with isolated groups also in Tunisia and south of there in the Sahara. Their current population numbers are difficult to determine, as the Berber culture and language have been pushed back by mixing with the Arab population. Amazigh Berbers are the Berbers of the Atlas Mountains, they speak the Berber dialect Tamazight. Berber handicrafts have a special significance in Morocco. Basketry, carpets and jewelry always have one thing in common: they abstract the present. Berbers are more than just artisans, they are artists, geometry is lost in their works. It can be integrated into modern home designs and is used by interior designers worldwide to set colorful accents.

Have fun with it. :)

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