Blanket Maron 145cm x 246cm
Blanket Maron 145cm x 246cm
Blanket Maron 145cm x 246cm
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Blanket Maron 145cm x 246cm

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wonderful Moroccan blanket, made of cotton.

The blanket is very tightly woven and the colors give it a harmonious look.

Weaving and embroidering blankets is still a long tradition in Morocco. Berber women from various regions in particular devote themselves to this task. This always results in exciting patterns and color gradients.

Weaving cactus silk is just as common as weaving cotton or new wool. Mixed techniques are often used. The blankets are always robust and you will enjoy them for a long time. You can use the blankets in many different ways. Whether as a giant picnic blanket for the whole family or as a bedspread, you are sure to find a way to integrate this blanket into your living space.

For those who want to bring a part of this culture into their living room, our online shop is there for you.

Have fun with it. 

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