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Fine chiseling gives the "Hand of Fatima" a playful look.

The "Hand of Fatima", also called "Khmissa", is still used as a protective symbol in North Africa today. It is also widespread in other oriental countries. It is said to protect against envy if it contains an eye in the middle - and also against the "evil eye". We think it has a decorative effect. That is why we attach it to doors or walls in a clearly visible place. According to popular belief, the "Khmissa" should be visible anyway, because otherwise its protection is ineffective.

Well, whatever the reason for needing the Hand of Fatima, it looks great and adds a mystical touch to your surroundings. It is perceived as a thoughtful gift. So if you want to give a gift to someone special close to you, then go for the symbolic "Khmissa". The Moroccan Khmissa is one of those mystical objects that will add an original touch to your living space.

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