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Tray brass silver plated 23,5cm

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Tray brass silver plated 23,5cm

The blows of the metalsmiths in the old town of Fes sound like a melody. The hammer hits this tableaux hundreds of times before it takes on its unmistakable appearance, which seems to tell us tales from 1001 Arabian Nights.

Brass tableaux, silver plated Diameter: 23.5cm

We are excited by the openness to new designs and can therefore always present the unexpected. Enjoy Moroccan interiors with us and integrate them into your everyday life.

Fine chiseling, oriental patterns and beautiful shapes characterize trays from L'Orient.

The L'Orient team is always on the lookout for selected handicrafts from Morocco and also has them made to their own designs. You will be amazed at how diverse Moroccan handicrafts are and how well they fit into modern interiors. Oriental splashes of color of timeless beauty, romantic lights, lively ornamentation, Morocco flows into the home in a pleasant way and enriches your living space.

The trays are produced in Fes, and the striking thing is the precise chiseling. Fes is home to the most skilled artisans. In no other city do the artisans have as much patience as in Fes. Their work is also highly valued by the locals. We think this can be seen in the beautiful workmanship. With a hand-chiseled tray, you bring a piece of Moroccan tradition into your home without excessive pomp.

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