Moroccan side table cement tile
Moroccan side table cement tile
Marokkanische Zementfliesen "Beldi" 15x15
Marokkanische Zementfliesen "Boho" 15x15cm
Marokkanische Zementfliesen "Lorient" 15x15cm
Moroccan side table cement tile
Marokkanische Zementfliesen "Maroc modern Blau" 15x15cm
Marokkanische Zementfliesen "Modern Grau" 15x15cm
Marokkanische Zementfliesen "Riad Sohane" 15x15cm
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Moroccan side table cement tile

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Moroccan side table cement tile

This little table is practical, just by the way. Do you want to discreetly place an ashtray next to your couch, a plant, or a glass? With this charming side table you have an additional storage area that stands out decoratively. Choose your desired tile.

Height: 50cm

Plate dimensions: 20x20cm

When the hammers hit in the old town of Fes to make tea and side tables, it sounds like a melody. A variety of rhythms create a fantastic composition. If you find the time to watch the metalworkers, you quickly notice that they themselves enjoy the sonorous rhythms and sometimes even make a game out of them. Copper sheets, brass sheets and even aluminum are processed in this way and then usually end up in Moroccan households that still value traditional handicrafts.

The artistic metalwork is popular at celebrations such as weddings or births. The route of Moroccan handicrafts to Europe or overseas is becoming increasingly popular as oriental ornamentation is becoming increasingly popular. The artisans in Fes are ambassadors for a tradition that is hundreds of years old and is passed down from generation to generation.

Wood carvings are produced in other parts of the old town, as each district has its own guild. This requires a lot of precision and skill. The scent of thuja wood and cedar is in the air here

If you want to experience the fascination that the old town of Fes has through its living crafts, you have no choice but to make your way there. For those who want to bring a part of this culture into their living room, our online shop is there for you.

Have fun with it. :)

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