Moroccan ceramic jar | Soft pink | 14cm
Moroccan ceramic jar | Soft pink | 14cm
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Moroccan ceramic jar | Soft pink | 14cm

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Moroccan ceramic jar | Soft pink | H:14cm

Moroccan ceramic box was made by artisans in Marrakech. It is decorated with a metal rim made of a copper alloy (silver-plated).


  • Height: 14cm
  • Diameter: 9cm

The team at L'Orient is always on the lookout for selected handicrafts from Morocco and also has them made to their own designs. You will be amazed at how diverse Moroccan handicrafts are and how well they fit into modern interiors. Splashes of color, timeless beauty, romantic lights, lively ornamentation, Morocco flows into the home in a pleasant way and enriches your living space.

We enjoy the beauty and harmony of Moroccan handicrafts, which have a centuries-old tradition. Innovations are not excluded in this area, however. We repeatedly meet ambitious artisans who incorporate their creativity into the product. The openness to new designs inspires us and so we can always present the unexpected.

Enjoy Moroccan interiors with us and integrate them into your everyday life.

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Team L'Orient

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