Lantern Kasbah Yellow
Lantern Kasbah Yellow
Lantern Kasbah Yellow
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Lantern Kasbah Yellow

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Lantern Kasbah Yellow

Moroccan metal lantern in copper look has the finest patterns that were cut by hand into the metal sheet, creating a mysterious play of shadows, the yellow glasses shine harmoniously. An inconspicuous door is integrated into the lamp to make changing the light bulb easy.

Height: 80cm

Atmospheric lighting!

This is certainly possible with the wonderful Moroccan lanterns, which are made by hand.

Decorate tables, hallways, walls or simply your entrance area by placing the lantern on the floor.

We know our craftsmen personally and are happy about every lantern that is produced.

By purchasing this lantern you support the artisan families and promote the continuation of this tradition.

In the Medina of Marrakesh there is an entire district dedicated to the production of handicrafts made of iron. Lanterns, armchairs, table frames, lamps, bird cages and much more are made here. The Medina, which is in danger of decay, is gradually being restored. The part of the artisans who work with iron is flooded with hundreds of noises. Hammering, sawing, soldering, the babble of voices and, on top of that, the loud mopeds that snake through the alleys. This is often too much for tourists and they quickly leave.

For us, a visit to this area has become completely normal; several hours pass with meetings on site and we are always happy when another piece of Moroccan craftsmanship is ready to be picked up.

The L'Orient team is always on the lookout for selected handicraft items from Morocco and also has their own designs manufactured.

Collaboration with small businesses and unusual designs, that's important to us. :)

This means financial security for the craftsmen and craftswomen and a stable, high-quality offer for our customers.

We are looking forward to your visit

Team L'Orient

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