Moroccan teapot Marwa | Silver | H:22cm
Moroccan teapot Marwa | Silver | H:22cm
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Moroccan teapot Marwa | Silver | H:22cm

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Moroccan teapot chiseled | Silver | H:22cm

The teapot with the elaborate engravings is bathed in real silver. It is suitable for the Moroccan tea ceremony and has an integrated strainer.


    • H:22cm

    • Volume: 1.25 L

Our teapots are handcrafted pieces, each one a little different from the other. We enjoy the beauty and harmony of Moroccan handicrafts, which have a centuries-old tradition.

You will be amazed at how diverse Moroccan handicrafts are and how well they fit into modern interiors. Splashes of color, timeless beauty, romantic lights, lively ornamentation, Morocco flows into the home in a pleasant way and enriches your living space.

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