Moroccan carpet | 3.20 x 1.80 meters
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Moroccan carpet | 3.20 x 1.80 meters

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Moroccan carpet | 3.20 x 1.80 meters

Wonderful carpet from the Middle Atlas. Soft and comfortable, made from 100% sheep's wool. Black, with unusual geometric patterns.


  • approx. 3.20 x 1.80 meters

Moroccan carpets are very diverse. There are various Berber tribes in Morocco, which in turn have a variety of subgroups. Each of these groups has its own methods and traditions for making carpets. What they all have in common is that the production of the carpets is done by women.

The Beni Ouarain is produced in the Middle Atlas. This carpet owes its name to its makers. The Beni Ouarain Berbers belong to the Schlöh tribe, who get their wool from a highland sheep whose wool has white or brown tones. The Beni Ouarain is the most famous carpet from Morocco. Due to its simple colors and abstract ornamentation, it is a highly sought-after object among interior designers.

But Morocco has even more to offer. Above all, colorful carpets made of dyed sheep's wool or mixed fabrics that stand out with their individual designs. Because while in other oriental countries, designers from Europe are often behind the look of carpet art, in Morocco the carpet weavers themselves are the artists who broke away from pattern conventions decades ago. And that is exactly what makes many Moroccan carpets inimitable.

Of course, there are also carpets that always follow the same pattern, but even these are attractive because of their expressiveness. Carpets from the north are very different from carpets from the south. Carpets that are made for special occasions look different than those that are produced for everyday use.

Moroccan carpets are primarily objects of daily use. They were never intended as pure decoration; even the Moroccan wedding carpet is functional and is used as a bed or bench cover. The textile objects are certainly the right choice where unusual interior design is required.

Have fun with it. :)

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