Moroccan basket | Gold | H:17cm
Moroccan basket | Gold | H:17cm
Moroccan basket | Gold | H:17cm
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Moroccan basket | Gold | H:17cm

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Moroccan basket | Gold | H:17cm

The Moroccan basket decorated with large golden sequins is traditionally used in the Hammam to store utensils. It can hold lots of odds and ends and little princesses will be delighted with this small basket bag.


  • Height: approx. 17cm

Our basket bags are woven by men and women near Marrakech. They then go to the leather cutters who sew the edging and handles onto them.

In Morocco, almost every household has a basket like this for shopping or just to bring things from A to B. Due to the Mediterranean style, they are also very popular here and anyone who has ever been to Provence will not only remember the scent of lavender but also these Moroccan baskets.

We enjoy the beauty and harmony of Moroccan handicrafts, which have a centuries-old tradition.

Enjoy Moroccan interiors with us and integrate them into your everyday life.

Collaboration with small businesses and unusual designs, that's important to us. :)

This means financial security for the craftsmen and craftswomen and a stable, high-quality offer for our customers.

Team L'Orient

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