Marokkanisches Waschbecken Gris 30cm
Marokkanisches Waschbecken Gris 30cm
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Moroccan washbasin Gris 30cm

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Moroccan washbasin Gris 30cm

Moroccan ceramic washbasin Gris from Fes. This gem is created in the old town of Fes with elaborate handwork, from the blank, which is made on the potter's wheel, to the painting. You can place this washbasin on a table top or sink it into a plate. The dimensions for the drain are standardized.

With this washbasin you can literally bring your living area to life. The washbasin, made of clay and very elaborately hand-painted, is a splash of color in your rooms. Whether in the bathroom or in the guest room, the washbasins can be combined very well with wooden furniture. But even in the modern bathroom it is a pleasant way to lighten up an ambience that may be too sterile. In any case, it is fun to experiment with Moroccan ceramics in the living area and it is certainly worth it.

Diameter: 30cm

Height: 12cm

Fine chiseling, oriental patterns and beautiful shapes characterize wash basins from L'Orient.

Moroccan washbasins can be combined with modern designs to loosen them up, but they also look really good with traditional wooden furniture. If you prefer something more simple, you can go for a washbasin made of metal. Copper, brass or silver-plated brass with a hammer finish.

We travel to Morocco two or three times a year to have these washbasins made in Fes and Marrakesh. We always work with the same artisans, who we get to know better over the years. We simply enjoy this type of production and we hope to pass on a spark of this joy to you.

The route of Moroccan handicrafts to Europe or overseas is becoming increasingly popular as oriental ornamentation is becoming increasingly popular. The artisans in Fes are ambassadors for a tradition that is hundreds of years old and is passed down from generation to generation.

For those who want to bring a part of this culture into their living room, our online shop is there for you.

Have fun with it. :)

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