Parabolic lamp Fes silver plated 100cm
Parabolic lamp Fes silver plated 100cm
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Parabolic lamp Fes silver plated 100cm

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Parabolic lamp Fes silver plated 100cm

The brass applique – parabolic lamp “Fes” gets its enchanting appearance through many holes and fine chiseling.

Diameter: 100cm

100cm, by bending the lamp it has approx. 97cm

L'Orient's lights are always handcrafted items. The hand-made lamps have an incomparable charm. In contrast to industrial products, you can feel life in the object. This has a positive effect on the atmosphere of the room.

For the parabolic lamp, brass sheet is rolled out and provided with thousands of holes. Additional engravings give the work of art another dimension. This means that the lamp looks beautiful even when not lit. After the patterns are finished, the lamp is bent into the desired shape. The brackets are attached to the back, to which the electrification can also be attached. The lamp is not only suitable as an atmospheric wall hanging, but also as a ceiling light. Whether in the bathroom, above the back of your bed, above a living room couch or in the hallway. The parabolic lamp will become an essential, harmonious part of your living area.

Why are Moroccan lamps so attractive?

It's the craftsmanship! Even in oriental countries, lamps are now produced using machines. But they will never have the same charm as those made by hand. That's why it's particularly important to us to sell these lamps. In this way, a piece of cultural history is preserved. Moroccan craftsmanship is passed down from generation to generation. It exists solely because of the high demand.

We are very happy to work with really good craftsmen who do their craft with great dedication.

See for yourself!

For lovers of craftsmanship paired with unique quality and a sense for high-quality materials.

It is not for nothing that these craftsmen enjoy a very special reputation. The lamps from L'Orient are always handcrafted objects. The hand-made lamps have an incomparable charm.

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