Royal Grande tea service
Royal Grande tea service
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Royal Grande tea service

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A Moroccan tea service is an incredible asset! Your authentic tea ceremony in no time. The strainer is integrated into the pourer. You can even put the silver-plated brass pot on the stove. The tray is also brass, silver-plated. 6 tea glasses complete the service.

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Teapot: 1250ml

Tray: diameter 34cm

Tea glass: 10cm high, diameter 6.3cm

What would the Moroccan tea ceremony be without artfully crafted tea glasses? Not nearly as inspiring! That's why we have wonderful decorations on a colorful background. Or simple tea glasses with Moroccan metal decorations, the production of which requires a real touch of finesse.

The glasses should be looked after with care, which means no dishwashers and scratchy sponges. To rinse tea and sugar out of a glass, all you really need is hot water and a few seconds of effort.

Our large tea glasses are of course also suitable as water or juice glasses. To make a table shine, you only need a few of these glasses to achieve great effects.

Preparation of classic Moroccan tea for 6 people:

1 large bunch of mint

1 tablespoon rolled green tea

2 tablespoons sugar

Metal teapot medium size 750ml

Wash the mint. Put the green tea in a pot and pour a little boiling water over it. Leave to brew for 2 minutes and discard the first infusion. Add the mint and sugar and pour boiling water over it again until the pot is three-quarters full. Stir the brew and place it on the stove and bring it to the boil briefly.

Pour the first glass of tea and empty it back into the pot. This can be repeated several times. Pull the teapot upwards from the bottom to create a head of foam.

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