Flore washbasin | Green | Ø:40cm
Orientalisches grünes Waschbecken
lorient at

Flore washbasin | Green | Ø:40cm

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Flore washbasin | Green | Ø:40cm

Hand-painted Moroccan ceramic washbasin from Fes. This gem is created in the old town of Fes with elaborate handwork, from the blank, which is made on the potter's wheel, to the painting.

How is a Moroccan sink different from a regular sink?

In its aesthetics! In its colorfulness! It's hard to believe that a variety of colors and patterns can be completely free of kitsch. The Moroccan washbasin is an example of this phenomenon.


    • Diameter: 40cm


    • Green

Fine chiseling, oriental patterns and beautiful shapes characterize wash basins from L'Orient.

Moroccan washbasins can be combined with modern designs to loosen them up, but they also look really good with traditional wooden furniture. If you prefer something more simple, you can go for a washbasin made of metal. Copper, brass or silver-plated brass with a hammer finish.

The route of Moroccan handicrafts to Europe or overseas is becoming increasingly popular as oriental ornamentation is becoming increasingly popular. The artisans in Fes are ambassadors for a tradition that is hundreds of years old and is passed down from generation to generation.

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