Sky over Fes

If you follow the trail of Moroccan craftsmanship, you cannot miss Fes. In the old town of Fes, sophisticated techniques were developed or refined down to the last detail. Even the legendary Tamagroute in the south of Morocco could only become what it is today thanks to the pottery of the "Fassi". The old town of Fes is Morocco's arts and crafts stronghold and is a UNESCO cultural heritage site, because apart from the satellite dishes on the roofs, hardly anything seems to have changed here in the last 1200 years. The fascination that Fes triggers is difficult to describe and not everyone feels it immediately...




When I miss Morocco, I really miss it!
Just thinking about the sky above Fes makes me homesick.

It seems to be infinitely wide and big. If I look to the left I see a pleasant sky that promises the best weather. If I turn my gaze to the right it becomes gloomy and grey and in between there is this indescribable something. Like our political landscape, for example. But the sky over Morocco is and remains a sky, mysterious, sometimes predictive, sometimes unpredictable. It inevitably awakens longing and melancholy.

But I miss much more than just the sky in Morocco, it's the warmth, both human and temperature-wise. It's the colorful selection of fresh vegetables and fruit, all year round, just heavenly to get back to heaven :)



But it is also organized chaos. In Vienna it is the other way round: everything is so organized and then chaos suddenly breaks out, which is what makes life so disappointing sometimes. I often miss not being able to understand people. The cacophony of language that I often don't understand feels like an involuntary meditation.


If you have already been to Morocco, then you might know what I am talking about, and if not, then you might be able to guess.
In any case, I wish everyone could travel there and immerse themselves, without any prejudice or judgment!