Ground yourself with Tamagroute

One of the most outstanding things you can find in Morocco is Tamagroute ceramics.

Original Tamagroute ceramics are produced exclusively in the village of the same name.

The pottery, which is coated with various metals, is layered in a specially built kiln, using sticks to support it. These are the reason for the unusual pressure marks on the vessels, which at first glance look like damage. In fact, they reflect the complex manufacturing process.

The color palette of Tamagroute ranges from bottle green to amber and is entirely due to the reaction of metals such as copper and silicon to heat.

Before Tamagroute ceramics can be shipped, they have to travel the long way over the high Atlas Mountains. Therefore, every piece that comes into your possession should be treated with the utmost admiration and care.

The mysterious village of Tamagroute lives almost exclusively from the production and sale of these earthen vessels.

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