Armchair with style

Remember - your home is where you express your personality, just like your clothes.

And if you feel like designing your living space individually and according to your needs, then just go for it! It doesn't all have to happen at once, take as much time as you need. Anticipation is one of the greatest joys. In this example, you can see how an ordinary wrought iron armchair can be transformed into a unique living object in no time at all.

We chose a wonderful Berber carpet and took it to our upholsterer. His job was to upholster as discreetly as possible those parts of the chair that were absolutely necessary to achieve a certain level of comfort without destroying the design of the chair.

We think it turned out excellently!

The armchairs without cushions are handmade and are available in our online shop. You will also find various seating options that do not necessarily conform to the norm. Simply click on one of the pictures

Armchair with Berber carpet

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